Evil House of Horrors

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The Evil House of Horrors

From our humble beginnings 18 years ago in the old fire station, we have grown in leaps and bounds to where we are now.  Our dedicated crew of volunteers spends tn_480_c2505c4f6523676ba94c6a4abb52cd9e.jpgcountless hours working on our house, in order to provide the scare of your life at the Evil House of Horrors.


We try to change the house up a little every year so that you can have a different experience.  This year we have a Hayride and Haunted House.  You can rest assured that every effort and many hours of thought have gone into designing and constructing our haunt.  We try our very best to offer the best experience possible for our patrons but be aware that the walls have ears and they are always tn_1200_029b1140766f89f83612470af16cb200.jpglistening for additional ways to scare you. tn_1200_ce3358f717dc0f1bea48a3ab55ef22f5.jpg

Also, be warned that our spooks will not touch you unless you touch them first.  We don’t have to touch you in order to scare you!!!!.  We are sick and twisted individuals who love what we are doing and we will also exploit your every fear or weakness!!!!!! After all you could have stayed at home and not been scared.


Opening night is Sept 30,2016, then open every weekend in October. Our final night will be Oct 31, 2016. We will not be open the first 3 Sundays of the month Friday & Saturday – tn_1200_111167acbd21953cb3e79a240bd3b967pm-midnight, Sunday 7pm-10pm

We offer group rates.

The Evil House of Horrors

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